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Empty Quarter 2018 (Rub-al Khali)

In the winter of 2018 the DARWIN 21 arranged a field excursion to the Saudi Arabian 'Empty Quarter' for numbers of Scientists in KAUST. The field trip, which ran from February 8 to 11, 2018 was a great success in giving the attendees a rich, varied, but quick overview of the biological diversity of…

Wahabe Crater 2015

The DARWIN21 start the winter by two day trip in the region of Umm Al-Dum to see one of the wonderful Crater in the worlds, Wahabe Creater. The crater is located north of the Riyadh-Makkah highway and is reachable after a 100 kilometer drive from the exit Umm Al-Dum. The tarmac goes until few hundred meters to the crater and is continued by a good track that runs until the edge.

Jordan 2014

In spring 2014, The DARWIN21 team explore different desert area of Jordan including Wadi Ram, Zarqa Governorate and rhe Dead Sea region. Wadi Ram is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It features dramatic sandstone mountains like the many-domed Jebel Um Ishrin, Azraq is a small town in Zarqa Governorate in central-eastern Jordan, 100 kilometers east of Amman.

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